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Isolation Valves.png

Double clapet isolation valve

Radial Tank Outlet Valves.png

RD SERIES, Sizes 1/2” – 3”

Catalyst Withdrawal Valves.png
Diverter Valves.png

On/off and control valves for catalyst

Linear, pendulum, flip-flop and double butterfly diverter valves

FCC Plug Valve.png
Igenix® Pinch Valves.png

Hollow type and cone type

KC Type Dampened Check Globe Valve.png

PV SERIES, 1/2” – 1”

MGK Type Pilot.png

Main feed-water and bypass feed-water isolation

Pilot operated pilot valve

RSK Type Swing-check Gate Valve.png
Three Lever Valves.png

Main feed-water and bypass feed-water isolation

Pure shut-off valve

UV SV.png

Preheater bypass system

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