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Walking through Bridgeland

We decided to explore the city of Calgary and walk through as many neighbourhoods as we can in 2020. Since we are unable to travel, why not explore what is right in your own backyard?

We started off near the old hospital, for those that remember 20 years ago there was a hospital in Bridgeland; they knocked it down in a spectacular fashion with a large explosion. The park (Murdoch Park) and apartments they replaced it with are spectacular.

We then walked along 1 Ave, there are some very interesting shops and restaurants on this street. At the time we were there many were still closed due to Covid19. One worth mentioning is Shiki Menya with some of the best ramen in town.

We then walked around to the Bridgeland Distillery; what an interesting place; look for a further update and interview with the owner.

Walking from there (after tasting a flight at the distillery) we wandered through some of the houses and apartments in the area. This is a great mix of houses and we even were invited into a partially built house so see the design concept of one of the infills under construction.

There are a lot of attractive elements of Bridgeland, we look forward to heading back there for some good food and drinks once everything starts re-opening.

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