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Vibronic Level Measurement


Hi folks. Shawn Dietrich here with the Intrepid Group to talk about something very near and dear to our heart, and that's level safety, whether it be for mechanical process or most importantly, personnel safety, lots of different choices on the market available to you. One that we really wanna explore today is the vibronic technology, and we're very proud of partnering with Endress+Hauser.

Here you see a simple vibronic switch. This comes in a variety of different flavours, both for solid and liquid measurement. And really the basis of operation is a piezoelectric crystal vibrating these ports at a constant frequency. And as the product bridges the gap, we get a switch output. Lots of other advantages that we just wanna demonstrate here quickly with the products in front of me and we hope you enjoy this video.

To demonstrate, we've got a simple vibronic flange version here, vibronic fork. As you can see, we've got the unit powered up. We've got a green LED showing that power and this red LED is gonna come on in the event of a switch point. Just to demonstrate, you're gonna see here quickly, as we go into a water situation, we clearly have a switch point. We take the vibronic forks out of the liquid and we're back into a safe condition.

To demonstrate some of the diagnostics capability of this unit, as we start to see buildup, erosion, corrosion on these forks, we are actually gonna dampen this frequency or change the frequency in a manner that we can actually extract that information to make a determination whether or not we need to remove, replace or possibly other forms of efforts need to take place from an operational standpoint.

To demonstrate buildup, we're gonna take this vibronic fork, we're gonna take an elastic band and wrap it here a few times and come back and show everybody that we're... You can see here that we're still in a very safe state. The vibronic fork is happy. We've got good tension on this elastic band. We're gonna put it back into water. And again, we achieve our switch point. That's a good quick test showing the benefits of the reliability of the switch even in conditions of buildup.

To demonstrate foam, we've got one of my favorite drinks up to 20 years, a beer or a root beer. We create a foaming condition. And actually, we're gonna have to get it higher 'cause we've got a short fork here. You're gonna see that there is no switch point until we actually see level.

So in conclusion, the vibronic technology is very immune to process interferences that would typically affect other passive-type technologies. Having an active switch provides additional benefits to operations. For example, now that the liquid fonts installed, we can now pull NIST traceable verification reports that tell us the health and status of the switch without actually having to pull it out and increase safety concerns for operations in the field.

So with that said, we look forward to working with you at Intrepid on your next level application. Please reach out, email us, call us, and have a great day.

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