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Mag-gage Introduction

Ryan Chase - COO describes the Magnetic level gage from PLT

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So what is a Mag-gage used for? Well it is used to “see” the liquid level inside a tank or vessel. This is very important; I know from experience that a visual indication is very helpful when you are filling a tank or vessel. My first job when I graduated from university many years ago was the night control operator at an oil recycling plant. Our tanks did have a visual indicator, but it was virtually invisible. It is a spectacular amount of recycled oil that sprays out of the top of a tank; it goes in a million directions and gets on everything! A mag-gage would have been nice.

As you can see, these flags flip as this float passes by the inside, these are visible from hundreds of feet away. This will accurately show you the level inside the vessel.

The knock against a magnetic level gage is that the flags sometimes flip and then stay flipped, making the actual level impossible to read. The PLT mag-gage is designed to eliminate these false flips.

There are thousands of installation possibilities, sides of tanks, tops of tanks, they can be used as a visual interface measurement, every model is a little different.

Standard deliveries are 4-5 weeks, but this can be expedited for a fee.

Additional features; you can add a switch to the side of the gage and adjust it anytime, it switch’s when the float moves by, this can trigger a pump or valve to open. Adjustment is a simple screw, slide it up or down and tighten up the screw.

A magneto restrictive transmitter can also be added, and we have partnered with Endress + Hauser to create the E-gage. This adds a free space radar to the top, this can be programmed to either reflect off the top of the float or off the liquid itself. Coupled with the magneto restrictive transmitter, this offers two independent level measurement points for a very economic price.

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