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Heartbeat Technology

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Having to pull out meters can a tedious task. Not only does it require physical work, but it also takes time and money to pause the operation to pay someone to check if there needs to be any maintenance. In many cases, these touch points on the meter can lead to new errors and challenges.

With the Heartbeat Technology by Endress + Hauser, those inconveniences are no more, as the Heartbeat Technology performs verification with no process interruption, and if you aren’t able to check the meter in-person, there is access to the information remotely to ensure no time is wasted.

The Heartbeat Technology function monitoring can also be used to ensure that cleaning only takes place when needed, which ensures pauses in the operation are only taken at appropriate times. For example, in a radar application, the buildup detection alarm can be linked directly to a compressed air system to clean the antennae.

The Heartbeat Technology boosts the reliability of measuring devices. In some applications, like pH measurement, transmitters check the health of sensors, and provide direct information on the sensor status. This helps operators determine if maintenance is needed and help plan for that. This can lead to longer life for the probes and lower OPEX.

All of these function lead to increased precision and time saved on work done in the field and office. Contact us today at to learn more about how you can get Heartbeat Technologies working for you.

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