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Gas Detection

Hello, folks, Shawn Dietrich here with the Intrepid Group. Again, happy to provide some background on our product of SMC, Sierra Monitoring out of California of 40 year plus based organization recently purchased by MSA, and we're very excited to have them on our line card and providing their services across Western Canada.

As you can see here on the board, realistically, there's no gas detection opportunity that we can't help you in monitoring and provide services for in both four-wire, three-wire or two wire type installations. You can see the very simplistic design, transmitter, calibration and configuration is all done through the magnet, push-button configuration both with electrochemical, near-infrared, catalytic bead, electric chemical for toxic, catalytic bead and infrared technology.

Certainly, with Sierra, the ability to extend calibration cycles is available to us through their efforts with FM approvals, which of course, come with FMC with the Canadian approvals associated with them.

So we look forward to helping you with your gas detection needs. Thank you again, and have a great day.

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