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Bowness-Point Mackay-Parkland

This area it right down by the river, Bowness was once a different city, it has only been a part of the city since 1964. That doesn't seem very long to us old people...

The most interesting feature along the river is this catch basin for rain water before it hits the river.

Bowness is an interesting area, we perhaps bit off more than we could chew as we did not get to the back side of the area. We really only walked down the main street. Very interested to come back and hit NOtaBLE for dinner.

The children's hospital is a real interesting site.

Always love the park names, made me wonder who was this guy?

Well, he was formerly Secretary Treasurer of the Calgary Public School Board. No idea which years, but found a photo of him from 1963; so presumably at this time Bowness would have been another city? The area is known as Montgomery and Bowness do not have clear lines of delineation today, presumably in the past there would have been some distance between the two towns,

Fun Fact Originally founded as Shouldice Terrace on land gifted by the Shouldice family, the community of Montgomery was rechristened Montgomery in the 1940s. In 1958, it earned status as a town, spurring on the creation of indoor plumbing and sewer systems for the community. Prior to 1959, individual well systems (remnants of which remain today) and outhouses were still common here.

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