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Bankview, Richmond, and more

This walk took us through a few different neighbourhoods. It feels like cheating, but in one 5K walk we were able to hit 6 neighbourhods.

  • South Calgary

  • Richmond

  • Knob Hill

  • Bankview

  • Upper Mount Royal

  • Lower Mount Royal

There are some amazing houses in Lower and Upper Mount Royal. Honestly, pictures would never do them justice.

We did love the person's joke in the window.

There are some pretty substantial hills in this area, it makes for some very interesting placement of homes throughout the area.

Without a doubt this was one of the most interesting wall art projects.

The things you find while walking that you would never see when driving, I had no idea what this wall was all about until you walk up to it and see this:

Would love to have a house in this area, we will need to sell a lot more!

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