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Air Release Valve

Hello, everyone, my name is Shawn Dietrich with the intrepid group and it's my pleasure to provide this very brief demo on a product that we're very excited about, and having lots of success within the industry. And that is the air vacuum release valve from our friends at AF tech.

Very simple device as you can see, made out of plastic, a polyamine which is of huge advantage to many that are in that water, wastewater or in areas where you are worried about air collection and release of that air to ensure that you've got pipeline safety, production of pumps, removal of water hammer, applications, things of that nature and these traditionally in the AWWA world used to come as cast iron units, and we are very excited to have this polyamide NSF approved for portable water unit that is weighing all of 10 ounces. So from a safety perspective for people that are climbing ladders and installing these at the highest level of their points, this is a much easier, safer way of getting one into installation.

The other beauty of these units are very simple and design, from a cleanability standpoint, you can see that there's really a very simple parts. We've got our float based system. We can take this unit out, we can clean it with just some dish soap, put it back into service.

By reinserting the clip here you can see that the float now is sitting in the proper position and we just quickly screw on the bottom housing and we're back in operation.

So these come in both one inch and two inch variety sizes. So in stock in Alberta and we look forward to helping our clients.

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