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860 Series Angle Valve.png

Control valves for general applications


Low-medium application control valve

Bellows Sealed Globe Valves.png

¼” to 4″ carbon or stainless steel body

DRAG® Compressor Recycle Anti-surge Valv

Severe service anti-surge and compressor recycle solution

HTR DRAG® Trim Upgrade.png

The next evolution in DRAG® technology

Q1 Seat Upgrade.png

Quick exchange seat upgrade for VLB and VLR valves

Solenoid Operated Control Globe

Pressurizer sprary control


Turbine ventilation valve

830T Series.png

Three-way valve for general applications


Control valves for general service applications


DRAG® control valve


High duty application control valve

DAK (Manifold Valve).png

Gate valve replacement solution

DRAG® Control Valves.png

Control valves for general applications

MV Type Solenoid Valve.png

Pilot valve

Q2 Seat Upgrade.png

Erosion resistant quick exchange seat upgrade for VLB and VLR valves

SV Type MSSV Globe Valve.png
840 Series.png

Control valves for general applications


Control valves for general applications


Special design application control valve


Boiler start-up valve

DAS Type Globe Valve.png

Main steam and feed-water isolation


Spraywater control valve

NB Type Globe Valve.png

Main feed-water and bypass feed-water control

SE Type Globe Valve.png

Emergency cooling

SV Type Pressuriser Safety Globe Valve (

Main steam safety valve

VLBP Steam Conditioning Valve.png

For combined heat and power applications

Pressuriser safety

VSGIC Desuperheater.png

Integrated desuperheating solution for steam conditioning valves

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