The dBX Shield

Unheard-of safety and noise control

Control valves don’t have to be loud. IMI’s all-new dBX Shield™ valve is the safest, quietest midstream control valve on the market. With the industry’s highest rangeability and unprecedented flow control, it essentially eliminates downstream vibration and can reduce noise to just 60 decibels (dBA). Its state-of-the-art DRAG™ technology controls high fluid velocity—delivering lower risk, lower noise, and lower maintenance costs for decades to come.


Don’t just bury the problem

Over time, uncontrolled vibration from excessive noise and velocity can lead to hearing damage, valve failures, and gas leaks. The dBX Shield valve addresses the problem at the source—with velocity and fluid pressure (kinetic) energy control. Its innovative geometry and wide rangeability can reduce pipeline noise down to just 60–85 dBA—even at low flow rate high differential pressures. So you don’t have to mitigate excessive noise and vibration by burying the valve deep in the ground or building a barrier around it. From pipeline operators to nearby neighborhoods—everyone wins.


1,000:1 rangeability
As low as 60 dBA
30–50% less noise
Up to 99% less valve vibration


Engineered for your operating conditions

No two pipelines are exactly the same. That’s why we work with you to custom engineer each valve based on your unique operating conditions. Only IMI has the engineering experience to control fluid velocity and its resulting vibration. We can adapt the dBX Shield valve to meet your precise flow rate specifications, health and safety requirements, environmental regulations, and much more.

The strong, silent type

We deployed the first iteration of the dBX Shield valve more than 15 years ago. And it’s still going strong today. Powered by cutting-edge DRAG™ velocity-control technology, the dBX Shield valve actively mitigates velocity, noise, vibration, and erosion damage, making it the quietest, safest, and longest-lasting valve in its class.


Easy on the ears and neighborhood


Pipeline noise can reach up to 115 dBA at its source—nearly as intense as a jet engine. As population growth brings people closer to pipelines, it also brings new challenges for noise attenuation. The dBX Shield valve can reduce pipeline noise down to just 60–85 dBA, the equivalent of conversation, delivering unmatched protection to personnel and nearby populations.

Operations and budget-friendly

With the dBX Shield valve, you save money from day one. Its patented DRAG™ velocity-control technology significantly reduces noise and vibration—eliminating the need to bury the valve deep underground or enclose it inside an unsightly structure. The dBX Shield valve is always easy to get to—making visual inspections and maintenance easier than ever.


High performance. Low maintenance.


Valve damage from erosion, abrasion, and vibration are all a result of excessive velocity. Outfitted with IMI CCI’s state-of-the-art DRAG™ technology, the dBX Shield valve addresses valve damage at the source—by controlling fluid velocity. The result: less vibration, less maintenance, and longer operating life.

Adding value with additive manufacturing

Our transformative additive manufacturing process makes the impossible possible. It simplifies fabrication while enabling us to engineer complex geometries. With additive manufacturing, we can design each valve for maximum performance—with the precise number of passages and stages required to meet your unique operating conditions.

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