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Ball Check Valve

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The Av-Tek® Model 4900 is a resilient seated ball check valve with a sinking ball* to prevent back flow and allowing flow passage with minimum friction loss.


The ball check valve is used in wastewater applications, power plants and process industry. The ball check valve is suitable for use in polluted media (up to 120˚F) as the ball shaped valve prevents the buildup of dirt. Typically a wastewater lift station will have a ball check valve to prevent reverse flow. This is why sometimes these valves are called non-return valves. A ball check valves operate best with 3-5 feet per second velocity and 20 feet of head pressure.



Av-Tek's ball check valve was designed according to the EN 12334 standard and with a face-to-face length according to the DIN 3202-F6. The epoxy coated (10mills standard) body is made from ductile iron.

The ball check valve has a NBR vulcanized iron ball. The ball is easily removed for maintenance through the ductile iron cover. This cover is sealed off by an NBR O-ring.

The bolts, nuts and washers are provided in AISI 304 stainless steel as standard, the nut in AISI 316 stainless steel.



Av-Tek's unique ergonomic cover allows the ball to completely recess out of the flow path, it is also specifically engineered to allow any media to escape around the ball as it seats to prevent vibration or chattering of the ball.

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